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Who I'm? This is easy, I'm Carolina Loureiro, a brazilian girl with twenty two years old and a few months of life, who is crazy for cinema, photography and music. Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings, are my favorites movies. Friends, That '70 Show, Supernatural and HIMYM, are on the list of my favorite TV series. In music it is hard to say which is my favorite, 'cause I like many bands. But I think The Killers fit into this category. =)
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Song: Runaway Baby
Artist: Bruno Mars
Album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans
Played: 5,669 times.
  • Me:

Well look at here, look at here… ah what do we have?… 

I love you so, that’s what you’ll say. You’ll tell me, baby, baby, please don’t go away, but when I play, I never stay. 

To every girl that I meet, this is what I say: run run runaway, runaway baby. 

Before I put my spell on you. You better get get getaway darling. ‘Cause everything you heard is true…. 

Uh, ahh yeah.. Well let me think, let me think. Ah what should I do? 

I love you so. That’s what you’ll say. You’ll tell me. Baby, baby, please don’t go away. But when I play, I never stay…. 

If you scared you better run [you better run], you better run [you better run], you better run [you better run], you better, you better, you better… Run run runaway, runaway baby. 

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